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Did you know that in as little as three weeks you can earn fundsfor your group, club, or organization by partnering up with me or a member ofmy National Fundraising Team? Avon offers a fundraising program that does justthat. Your group, club, or organization can sell Avon products ( inbundles at prices exclusively for fundraisers) and earn up to 40% of yoursales. You can also do this without any expenses, without the hassle of complexorder processing, and with the assistance of a trained Avon Fundraising guide.How? We come up with a plan for you to keep your fundraiser on track.

How Much Money Can You Makewith Avon Fundraising?

Groups can earn profits from 30% to 40%. When the total sales ofyour fundraiser are above $1,500 you receive a profit of 40% of your sales,which would give you at least a $600 profit. To achieve this goal, you couldfollow a simple plan with 10 volunteers each selling to 10 customers, withaverage $15 sales. Sound doable? Because it is!

The more you sell, the more you earn. Examples of higher earninggoals are:

  • 10 volunteer’s x 10 customers x $15 order = $1,500 sales and$600 profit

  • 20 volunteer’s x 10 customers x $15 order = $3,000 sales and$1,200 profit

  • 40 volunteer’s x 10 customers x $15 order = $6,000 sales and$2,400 profit

  • 60 volunteer’s x 10 customers x $15 order = $9,000 sales and$3,600 profit

  • 100 volunteer’s x 10 customers x $15 order = $15,000 sales and$6,000 profit

Who can fundraise with Avon?

Anybody can fundraise with Avon! You don’t have to be anon-profit organization or even be tax exempt to run an Avon Fundraiser. Theonly thing I require when I set up your fundraiser is a coordinator – someoneto be the lead of the fundraiser, and a team or volunteers to participate inthe sales and promotion portion of the fundraiser. Here are examples of who canrun a fundraiser:

  • Teachers and Mentors

  • Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and their Leaders

  • Students of all ages

  • Fraternities/Sororities

  • Church Groups

  • School or Recreational Sports Teams

  • Firefighters, Police, and First Responders

  • Military

  • Parent Groups

  • Families

  • and anyone who has a cause to raise money for!

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